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    Centre for Conveyancing Practice is the biggest private provider of training in conveyancing and notarial practice in South Africa.

    This enterprise was established by Gawie le Roux, an attorney, conveyancer, entrepreneur and businessman from Pretoria.


    The Centre for Conveyancing Practice owes its existence to the unique and highly successful Self-study Deeds Course which Gawie has offered since 1994. The Centre for Conveyancing Practice and the Self-study Deeds Course are sister entities, each with its target market. Collectively, all marketing and presentation of courses is done under the trademark of the Centre for Conveyancing Practice.

    Self-study Deeds Course

    The Self-study Deeds Course CC was initiated in 1994 with the aim of introducing the first and only "self-study deeds course" to the South African market. The object was to make a comprehensive set of notes available to enable people to prepare for the examination in conveyancing. It was an immediate success. Within six months of the first set of Afrikaans notes having been sold, an English version was made available. Since then we have grown into the only bilingual and the biggest private training institution in the field of conveyancing and notarial practice in South Africa.

    Centre for Conveyancing Practice

    The Centre for Conveyancing Practice (Pty) Ltd was established in 1999 to meet the increasing need for attendance classes. Since then we have offered classes in conveyancing and notarial practice to attorneys, candidate attorneys and other persons who qualify and who wish to receive study guidance in the form of lectures.

    A unique course for conveyancing typists was designed and has been presented in Afrikaans since 1999 and in English from 2003. Our notarial course was launched in 2007 and is based on the same winning recipe as the course in conveyancing practice. The online workshops held from 2009 onwards represent a further expansion of our dynamic training methods. From 2010 we have also offered seminars on new legislation and registrars’ conference resolutions that may affect conveyancing practice.

    Our Team


    Gawie le Roux

    Gawie le Roux is an attorney, conveyancer and entrepreneur. He is the director of the Centre for Conveyancing Practice and its sister entity, the School for Legal Training. He has established himself in legal training through his Self-study Deeds Courseand the lectures he has presented at various centres throughout the country to prepare attorneys and candidate attorneys for the conveyancing examination. A successful course aimed at preparing candidates for the notarial examination, the Course in Notarial Practice, has also been developed under his guidance.

    The seminar series on the Agreement of Saleis a new initiative of Gawie’s which has proved to be very popular among attorneys, conveyancers, estate agents and general property practitioners.

    Gawie is also an active investor in the property market, both in his personal capacity and as managing director of two private property investment companies.

    He began his career in 1981 as a state prosecutor at the Department of Justice. He was subsequently attached to the Department of Foreign Affairs for a brief period (from 1983 to 1984), after which he was transferred to the legislation section of the Department of Justice at its head office in Pretoria (from 1985 to 1990). From 1991 to 1995 he was attached to the Office of the State Attorney in Pretoria.

    On 1 October 1995 he began practising as an attorney for his own account with property law and conveyancing as his field of speciality. He has a passion and love for training. From the year 2000 onwards, he began to devote the major portion of his time to training and this is now virtually his full-time occupation.


    Erinda Frantzen

    Erinda is an attorney, conveyancer and notary public. She joined the staff as a lecturer in 2006.

    She presents the Attendance Course in Conveyancing Practice in certain cities, all the Attendance Courses in Notarial Practice and some of the courses for conveyancing typists.

    She is involved in the updating of all the courses and bears most of the responsibility for the regular development of the typists’ courses and the running of the online workshops.

    Administrative Team

    Anneke van der Vyver

    The office administrative team is headed by Anneke van der Vyver, who is also our bookkeeper. Anneke is also responsible for proof-reading our marketing material, marketing our seminars, maintaining and developing our database, and ensuring that our websites meet the highest standards of graphic design, speed and general functionality. She also takes care of flight and motor car bookings for Gawie and all our guest speakers.

    Annemarie Westcott

    Anneke is assisted by Annemarie Westcott, who is responsible for the registrations for all our seminars and handles most of our client liaison. Annemarie also takes care of the enrolment lists, ensures that venues are available for all our seminars wherever they are held, makes sure that the venues are properly set up and that the sound and visual equipment is working, and sees that everyone receives their seminar notes.

    Henriëtte Pretorius

    Henriëtte Pretorius is a course coordinator and assists Annemarie in all functions relating to the registration process. She is primarily responsible for client liaison and general enquiries.