Conveyancers, Developers and Sectional Title Schemes

    Understanding sectional title schemes

    Hi, my name is Teuni Erasmus. I am a practising conveyancer and notary with more than 15 years’ experience of various aspects of the opening of sectional title schemes and other types of development.

    If you are a conveyancer, but

    you have never been exposed to the opening and registration of a sectional title scheme

    and would like to acquire a knowledge of this field, then this is the seminar for you.

    I have developed

    a seminar on the opening of sectional title schemes

    from start to finish, aimed at

    conveyancers and senior conveyancing secretaries 

    who have never had the opportunity to be involved in developments of this kind..

    The seminar will enable you to 

    enter into mandates with developers and expand your practice 

    by accepting more lucrative and specialised work.

    I will be addressing, amongst others, the following

    topics and frequently asked questions:

    1. Understanding the difference between a township development and the opening of a sectional scheme
    2. Main types of developments and the differences between them as well as the pro’s and cons of each
    3. Brief overview of the different types of sectional title developments
    4. New legislation affecting sectional schemes:
      • SPLUMA
      • Other legislation
    5. Understanding the roles of other professionals involved in a sectional scheme development, such as town planners and land surveyors
    6. The crucial questions to ask and discussions to have with a developer at your first meeting
    7. What will it cost your client? An understanding of the recommended fees you may charge and fee negotiations with the developer
    8. External and internal factors to consider before accepting the work
    9. Interpreting sectional plans and other official documents
    10. Preparation and drafting of sectional title scheme documents – a broad overview 
    11. Types of sale agreement applicable to these developments 
    12. Common problems and pitfalls and how to avoid them
    13. Process following registration of scheme 


    • By attending this seminar, you and your senior conveyancing secretary will learn the various facets involved in the opening and registration of sectional title schemes.
    • You will be more confident in your negotiations with developers.
    • You will have a better understanding of the entire process and will be better prepared for the inevitable and unforeseen problems that may arise during the process.