Course for Conveyancing Typists & Paralegals


    To give conveyancing typists and persons who would like to follow a career as conveyancing typist and paralegal intensive theoretical and practical training and at the same time offer them a career-oriented qualification.

    TWO types of course

    Lectures are offered in Pretoria and Johannesburg.

    Persons who are unable to attend the lectures can register for the self-study course. Register at any time. The only requirement is that each module must be completed within two months after registration and a diploma must be completed within six months.

    Features of the course

    Both theory and practical case studies are discussed to illustrate the way the theory is applied in practice.

    Comprehensive and user-friendly notes containing examples are provided. Learners can use and consult these notes at their workplace after completing the course.

    The lectures are relaxed and the notes and examples form the basis for discussion.

    An open-book evaluation is conducted in order to establish whether learners understand the work and are able to apply their knowledge in practice.

    Silver and gold certificates

    A Silver Certificate is issued for each module upon successful completion of the evaluation by the learner as proof that the learner has the ability to apply the learning content that relates to a certain module.

    A Gold Certificate is issued after an affidavit has been received from the learner's employer to the effect that a certain prescribed type of work, related to the relevant module, has been completed independently and flawlessly by the learner.

    An administration fee is payable in respect of each Gold Certificate and Gold Diploma requested.

    Open-book evaluation

    Learners are evaluated on the basis of an open-book test. The idea is not to test people's memory, in other words to see what they can remember by rote, but rather to establish whether they are able to apply in practice what they have learnt during the lesson. During their evaluation they are permitted to refer to the course material supplied to them, just as they would be able to use it at the office.


    Lectures and course material for the Basic Diploma (modules 1-3) are offered in English or in Afrikaans. 
    English learners may attend Afrikaans lectures and receive English notes and vice versa, on condition that this preference is specifically indicated upon registration.

    Lectures and course material for the Diploma (modules 4-6) are offered in English only.

    Course Content

    Two diplomas in conveyancing practice (six modules):

    Basic Diploma in Conveyancing Practice

    Suitable for anyone from beginners to people who have been working in a conveyancing practice for some years and who want to improve their knowledge and skills. This is the most popular course and lays the foundation on which to build a more advanced knowledge of deeds.

    MODULE 1

    Conventional Deed of Transfer


    MODULE 2

    Conventional Deed of Transfer

    Practical case study

    MODULE 3

    Mortgage Bonds registration & cancellation procedure

    Theory & practice

    Diploma in Conveyancing Practice

    Suitable for persons who have already done the Basic Diploma or who have been working in a conveyancing practice for one to two years. More specialised topics are covered in this course.

    MODULE 4

    Sectional Title Deed of Transfer


    MODULE 5

    Sectional Title Deed of Transfer

    Practical case study

    MODULE 6

    Estate Transfers

    Theory & practice