Course in Notarial Practice

Trusted courses

These courses have been used since 2007 by legal practitioners throughout the country and in Namibia with great success. They are trusted courses as can be seen from the feedback received.

Two types of course

An Attendance Course in Notarial Practice for those who prefer to receive study guidance by attending lectures to prepare for the notarial examination. A Self-study Course for those who prefer to study on their own, without attending lectures.

Features of the Attendance Course

Lectures are offered in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.

A special discount is available on the registration fee for those who register early.

English learners may attend Afrikaans lectures with English notes and vice versa, on condition that it is specifically indicated as such upon registration.

If you have previously registered for the Self-study Course and owe your own set of notes and want to attend the lectures, or previously attended the course and want to do so again, please contact us for a quotation.

Characteristics of the course material

  • The notes were written as an aid in preparing for the examination in notarial practice.
  • It was written for learners who have had no exposure to notarial work.
  • It is the most comprehensive set of notes available to prepare for this examination.
  • It consists of one part of explanatory notes and one part of practical examples.
  • It is available in either English or Afrikaans.
  • The notes are marketed in loose leaf format, with a supplement service at additional cost, so that the notes can be updated with the latest amendments.
  • Relevant questions and model answers are incorporated in the notes.
  • The same study notes are used for both the self-study and the attendance course.

Features of the Self-study Course

There is no cut-off date for registration. The only target date is the examination date.

Course Content

The prescribed syllabus for the examination is covered in the following parts and chapters:

Part 1

Explanatory Notes

Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - The notarial deed
Chapter 3 - Powers of attorney
Chapter 4 - Antenuptial contracts
Chapter 5 - Notarial bonds
Chapter 6 - Servitudes
Chapter 7 - Notarial deeds in respect of sectional title schemes
Chapter 8 - Notarial lease agreements
Chapter 9 - Wills
Chapter 10 - Trusts
Chapter 11 - Donations
Chapter 12 - Bills of exchange and promissory notes
Chapter 13 - Maritime bonds and sea protests

Part 2