Practical conveyancing for attorneys

    As a newly admitted conveyancer, how do you start practising with confidence?

    Hi. I am Gawie le Roux. Along with my colleague, Erinda Frantzen, I have assisted many attorneys and candidate attorneys over the past 25 years to pass the conveyancing examination. In fact, you may be one of those who have passed the exam after taking our course. If so, congratulations on your new qualification!

    You have passed the exam, but how do you gain practical experience?

    Yes, I know how you feel. In fact, I felt exactly the same after being admitted many years ago.

    It is one thing to pass the exam, but quite another to start practising as a conveyancer. There is a big difference between the theoretical knowledge needed to pass the exam and the practical experience which you can only gain over a period of time.

    How do you fast-track your practical experience?

    You may be wondering whether it is possible to fast-track your practical experience. Well, nothing can really replace experience, but our unique three-day course will teach you the

    practical side of conveyancing.

    The course consists of a theoretical and a practical section. It is assumed that you already know the theoretical part because either you are an admitted conveyancer or you are busy preparing for the exam. However, you will still receive a set of notes in which the applicable theory for this course is discussed. You would be well advised to register early in order to get your notes well in advance. You could then refresh your memory on the theoretical stuff before the start of the course.

    The practical side is what you are really interested in. Therefore, we will discuss

    two practical case studies

    to illustrate how the theory is applied in practice. You will receive comprehensive manuals explaining deeds of transfer and mortgage bond registrations

    from the opening of the file to the stage when it is finally closed.

    It’s a real bonus to have these manuals handy in your office as an indispensable reference guide.

    What’s more, you will learn in a very practical way

    how to set up a proven system in your office.

    Press the “download course content” button above to view the content of this course.

    The course is presented by Melissa Smit, a senior conveyancing typist in Pretoria. She is one of the most outstanding lecturers I have ever encountered. She’s knowledgeable and enthusiastic and in fact she has presented all our courses for conveyancing secretaries for many years.

    If you are still wondering whether this course is for you,

    you may find inspiration

    from the comments below:

    • “I have been working in a conveyancing department for about a year now and am amazed at how much I actually learned. There is so much that I have picked up in these three days which I did not know and was not taught.”
    • “I definitely learnt so much on this course. It was an eye opener. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of each day.”
    • “Melissa bespreek basiese beginsels in die klas wat nie noodwendig in die praktyk geleer word nie.”
    • “Ek het reeds voorheen van Gawie se kursusse bygewoon en weet dat dit baie prakties is, maar steeds het dit my verwagtinge oortref. Die kursus bind die praktiese aspekte met die teorie.”
    • “Mens verstaan die teorie soveel beter indien jy weet hoe dit in die praktyk toegepas word.”
    • “Die aanbieding is meesterlik. ‘n Kwaliteit waarvan ek nie die gelyke ken nie.”
    • “Ek kan nou ‘n klein aktepraktyk begin met selfvertroue en op die mees ekonomiese manier.”


    Complete lectures and course notes are available in either Afrikaans or English. Afrikaans course attendees may attend English lectures but opt to receive Afrikaans notes and vice versa, on condition they specify this at registration


    • By attending this three-day crash course, you will learn a lot about the practical side of conveyancing.
    • You will be equipped with a proven system that will help you to conduct your conveyancing practice with confidence.
    • You will learn how to deal with the financial aspects of a transfer file.
    • You will be able to work faster and more efficiently.
    • You will benefit from this course if you are a newly admitted conveyancer, a sole proprietor working without a secretary, or if you are responsible for running a conveyancing department in an established law firm.