Examination Workshop

    Final preparation for the conveyancing examination

    It is a one-day workshop held just before the examination which focuses on previous examination papers.

    The aim of the workshop is to improve your drafting skills, answer your questions and finally prepare you for the examination.

    The workshop does not set out to teach you conveyancing. You will get most out of this workshop if you have already completed your preparations for the examination, using either our Self-study Deeds Course or our Attendance Course in Conveyancing Practice.

    Who should attend?

    This workshop will be ideal for you if :

    • you have already prepared for the examination, but are still unsure about the drafting of documents and other aspects of the work;
    • you wrote the examination previously and were unsuccessful;
    • you previously prepared for the examination, but could not write; and
    • you want final confirmation that you are sufficiently prepared.

    Anyone may attend this workshop, whether you have prepared for the exam by means of one of our courses or not.

    Is this workshop essential?

    No. It is merely an additional aid for those who are still uncertain and feel that they need further guidance. We believe that our Self-study Deeds Course and Attendance Course in Conveyancing Practice are sufficient preparation for the examination.